Apache Bahir

What is Apache Bahir

Apache Bahir provides extensions to multiple distributed analytic platforms, extending their reach with a diversity of streaming connectors and SQL data sources.

Currently, Bahir provides extensions for Apache Spark and Apache Flink.

Apache Spark extensions

  • Spark data source for Apache CouchDB/Cloudant
  • Spark Structured Streaming data source for Akka
  • Spark Structured Streaming data source for MQTT
  • Spark DStream connector for Apache CouchDB/Cloudant
  • Spark DStream connector for Akka
  • Spark DStream connector for Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  • Spark DStream connector for PubNub
  • Spark DStream connector for MQTT (new Sink)
  • Spark DStream connector for Twitter
  • Spark DStream connector for ZeroMQ (Enhanced Implementation)
  • Flink streaming connector for ActiveMQ
  • Flink streaming connector for Akka
  • Flink streaming connector for Flume
  • Flink streaming connector for InfluxDB
  • Flink streaming connector for Kudu
  • Flink streaming connector for Redis
  • Flink streaming connector for Netty

The Apache Bahir community welcomes the proposal of new extensions.

Contact the Bahir community

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