Apache Bahir Downloads

Please find below the latest releases of Apache Bahir. Note that the binary artifacts are also published through Maven.

Latest Release

Our latest release is Apache Bahir 2.0.2, released on 01/27/2017.

Name Archive MD5 signature
Apache Bahir 2.0.2 (tar.gz) tar.gz MD5 ASC
Apache Bahir 2.0.2 (zip) zip MD5 ASC
Release Notes 2.0.2

Instructions for checking hashes and signatures is indicated on the Verifying Apache Software Foundation Releases page.

You can also retrieve the source files from our git repository by typing:

git clone https://github.com/apache/bahir.git
cd bahir
git checkout -b tags/v2.0.2 v2.0.2

Verifying a Release

Choose a source distribution in either tar or zip format, and verify using the corresponding pgp signature (using the committer file in KEYS). If you cannot do that, the md5 hash file may be used to check that the download has completed OK.

For fast downloads, current source distributions are hosted on mirror servers; older source distributions are in the archive. If a download from a mirror fails, retry, and the second download will likely succeed.

For security, hash and signature files are always hosted at Apache.

Previous Releases

All previous releases of Apache Bahir can be found in the archives.